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Online Songwriting Software

I found the rhyme and thesaurus tools to be invaluable to my songwriting process. I especially found them useful when storyboarding for songs. I would type in concepts to see what kind of words would come up to prompt my inspiration.

I was in a time-crunch when I started using LyricWell. I needed to finish a song by the next day, and my creativity was waning. Just by typing in word concepts into the Thesaurus/Rhyme tools, I found the inspiration I needed to finish the song.

- Kevin Embleton (Embleton)
Thesaurus turned to the word inspire

Write Better

Use the thesaurus and rhyming dictionary to help find the words you need to write your message in your style. Try the writing exercises to help improve your songwriting.

Write Consistently

Use the Word List area to create a list of intersting words or phrases on a daily basis. Go through your word lists to help spark ideas for songs. Keep your song ideas in a notebook for later use.

Write Anywhere

Don't worry about a pen and paper, access your songs from any modern device connected to the internet. Be ready when inspiration hits and take your creativity wherever you go.